Scientists Enlist Baker’s Yeast to Find New Medicines

A team of Canadian, US and Japanese scientists turned to baker’s yeast in a hunt for better drugs.
Jul 17 / 2017

Tissue Engineering Pioneer Michael Sefton to Lead Medicine by Design as Executive Director

Engineering professor and Donnelly Centre investigator Michael Sefton has been appointed executive director of Medicine by Design, a University of Toronto initiative that is accelerating discoveries in regenerative medicine research to improve treatments for conditions such as heart failure, diabetes and stroke.
Jun 29 / 2017

Multidisciplinary Research Teams Target Blindness and Stroke Damage Using Regenerative Medicine

Robert Devenyi made headlines three years ago when he became the first physician in Canada to implant the bionic eye, a retinal chip hooked to a wearable camera that partially restored vision in a patient who was virtually blind.
Jun 29 / 2017

Renée Brost and Bryan San Luis Win Staff IMPACT Awards

The Donnelly Centre is thrilled to announce that Ms. Renée Brost and Mr. Bryan San Luis have won two of this year’s Staff IMPACT Awards, awarded annually by the Faculty of Medicine to administrative and technical staff in recognition of their work.
Jun 27 / 2017
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